Craft your own personal Blue Zone.

Blue Zones are special places – minds are sharp, bodies strong, and souls fulfilled.

While many scientists have attempted to distill the magic ingredients in Blue Zone living, the exact formula remains elusive, causing many to believe it’s not any particular diet or genetics, but rather the unseen common threads that persist throughout all 7 Blue Zones in the world:

We’ve blended these 5 keys into a distinctive spa / wellness living experience. Bespoke residences offer plenty of extra space.
  • Strong sense of multi-generational community

  • Low-stress environments that allow time to truly savor and experience life

  • Extensive walking, preferably to food and friends, rather than for exercise

  • Farm-fresh, locally sourced foods

  • Spirituality and mindfulness

True city dwellers don’t move to the suburbs.
Life and humanity stir in every fiber of your being.
Discover a residence that speaks at once
to your prophetic soul and you’re earthly desires.

Artificial Intelligence.
Human Soul.

It’s not a building. It’s an ecosystem.
The antithesis of stress, where your needs and desires aren’t just met – they’re anticipated.

You’re an adult.  Skip the apps and meet Zoe.

Companion AI is infused into each of our communities.  With forward-looking smart home design discreetly integrated, you’ll never be far from your personal assistant or your favorite cocktail music.

Farm-to-Table meets Sea-to-Table.
From restaurant to residence –
ski slopes to beach cabana.


Our kitchen is your kitchen.

One of life’s great pleasures is sharing a meal with those you love.

Enjoy your chef’s kitchen in your personal residence, or let us serve up seasonally inspired, local favorites. Above all, Blue Zone living is about holistic wellness over health. And, enjoyment of nature’s bounty with your favorite libation is key.

Call it work
if you must.

Shed the traditional office, not your holdings. Market updates and access 24/7.
Blue Zone living meets the ultimate spa and wellness resort.

The holistic wellness experience at Blue Shepherd immerses you in nature and time-honored practices.  Personal training and group fitness are available seven days a week.

Curated wellness techniques
from around the globe.

Find inner strength and balance with daily conditioning classes. Then, let the world melt away in the spa.

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