“We love the play on the word Eco – immediately conveying an ethos, while having many facets worthy of endless exploration. With Shepherd Eco, we wanted to delve beyond mere conservation to the core values that drive this spirit of sustainability. That, inevitably, brought us back to humanity… community… crafting a brand that embodies the world we seek and using our platform to inspire others to carry forth this ethos.”

Christine Menedis and Naveen Trehan  |  co-Founders

Shepherd Eco finds its roots in the deeply intertwined concepts of sustainability and humanity – the dual heartbeats that drive these Eco-systems – thriving, dynamic communities weaving residents, guests, locals, and nature into a rich, fulfilling experience.

Sustainability in all forms
is core to what we do.

We honor this ethos through strategies for reducing plastic and water usage and incorporating next-generation engery technologies. Sustainability and resiliency elements are located where they can be visible to the public, highlighting their growing importance.

From the architectural materials we build with to the food we serve our patrons, we seek recycled materials and locally-sourced goods wherever possible.


Yes, we’re green. But with Eco, we take a broader view of sustainable design.

We believe that great design, like a great lady, should be timeless.

Actually, turns out, it’s the classic definition: a system that maintains its own viability by using techniques that allow for continual re-use.

We see sustainable design as the future of urban development – going beyond green construction to an understanding that a truly great building needs to be able to withstand the test of time – flexing and adapting to each ensuing generation that occupies it.

Sparking new pathways for the future of sustainable design

Approximately 40% of all materials in landfills come from conventional construction, renovation, and demolition. It’s time to rethink the entire process and create meaningful buildings that are capable of meeting the needs of local communities and shifting demographics.

Manufactured from recycled materials using green construction processes, Eco’s interior flex walls have better acoustical properties than drywall and beautiful, high-quality finishes created in collaboration with some of the world’s most accomplished interior designers.

Eco’s bespoke residential interiors allow for seamless transition, allowing you to craft the space that fits your lifestyle – from a loft to a more traditional 3 bedroom / 3 bathroom home.

Strategically placed Eco flex interiors within the hotel allow sales teams to always meet current demand needs and create one-of-a-kind experiential suites.

Intoxicating travel that beckons your return. Immerse yourself in your destination’s unique story line. With no two Shepherd Eco locations alike, you’re always in for a treat. Local tapestries and creative energies fuel conversation and laughter – turning new friends into old ones.

Authenticity that transcends.
Our guests don’t just get it. They demand it.

Shepherd Eco is for those seeking exceptional, uncommon, and distinctly local experiences. Our guests and residents take personal pride in helping craft the better world that we all seek – embracing technology and the future, while intuitively understanding that true fulfillment is always grounded in humanity.

We recognize that wellness is
a lifestyle – not an amenity.

A rich, fulfilling life is one in balance. It’s why we’re drawn to the dichotomy of a lush oasis in an urban center and utilizing historically meaningful materials to craft a vision for the future. Cities fuel our creative energies, while nature calms and restores our souls.

Discover the joys of waking refreshed and renewed each day. Our companion AI, Zoe, can offer guided in-room meditations and customize scent, temperature, and lighting to provide the ultimate sleep experience. In the morning, she’ll wake you gently – stimulating your senses and preparing you to meet the energy of the city that awaits.

Our locally-inspired wellness programs deliver the best offerings of each locale. Whether it’s cycling, hiking, swimming, paddle boarding, or running – happily wear yourself out. Then, return for some well-earned relaxation.

Life is about experiences.

Surround yourself with those you love – those who inspire and challenge you.

Residences offer an unparalleled immersion in our Shepherd Eco lifestyle.

Being social is always in style. Or, as we prefer to coin it, a sense of community. Shepherd Eco has it in spades. Sustainably designed, beautifully appointed private residences – fully customizable and re-configurable to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

Eco’s crypto-friendly homes are the first of their kind – leveraging technologies to anticipate desires and enhance experiences. Our companion AI, Zoe, is infused into each of our communities.  With integrated smart tech, you’ll never be far from your personal assistant or your favorite tunes.

Don’t worry.
He can come, too.

Shepherd Eco Wynwood   |   Coming 2023 to Miami’s iconic arts district

60 NE 27th Street
Miami, Florida  33137

150 Hotel Keys   |   4 Unit Types
Including 20% Suites

48 Flex Residences
1, 2, 3 Bedrooms

Amidst a neighborhood forged by creatives, discover an ever-changing, sustainable ecosystem. A lush, urban oasis – the ultimate base camp for artists, trendsetters, and trailblazers. Each visit to Shepherd Eco unearths a remarkable freedom to explore and innovate. The freedom to carry forth this sustainable ethos. In short, the freedom to be extraordinary.

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Join the conversation.

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