So, you’re a Millennial.  Own it.

Yes, you may currently be living in your parents’ house (we’re working on that part). But, you’re also compassionate, cultured, take interesting vacations, and have fabulous footwear.  Your tastes have transformed how we shop and how we communicate.  Next up – how we live.

Group living is back in style.  Or, as Millennials prefer to coin it – a sense of community.

Studio   |   One Bedroom   |   Two Bedroom / Two Bath   |   Three Bedroom / Three Bath

  • AI-driven smart home construction

  • Modern, industrial design

  • Crypto-friendly

  • Natural materials, local craftsmanship

  • Close to urban core

  • Balance between private and shared spaces

  • Pet-friendly

  • House Mom

Adventure junky.  Risk averse.

Might seem odd to some, but we get it. That’s why we don’t tie you down. Come for a week, a month, or a decade. Just pay as you go, with no up-front deposits.


Meet Zoe.

Companion AI is infused into each of our communities.  With smart speakers in every room, you’ll never be far from your personal assistant or your favorite tunes.

Don’t worry.
He can come, too.

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