September 5, 2018

With a full gym, a dedicated wellness center and multiple classes aimed at improving physical and mental fitness, the newly-opened Shepherd Living community in Savannah Quarters is an inviting alternative for the broader 55-plus community.

“We want the community to know that this is an option open to everybody,” said Christine Menedis, Esq., Shepherd’s co-Founder and CEO.  “This is in keeping with the Shepherd tradition that we are part of – immersed – in our communities.  It’s like our full-service restaurant: come and enjoy and make our kitchen your kitchen!”

The wellness center and spa offer a variety of classes, massage and other treatments, and Shepherd’s unique thermal experience, which includes a Laconium room (gentle, dry heat), thermal pool, heated loungers and a traditional Finnish sauna.  Group classes and private instruction are available 7 days a week.

The Shepherd Savannah Quarters community will also be home to Pooler Physical Therapy, which is offering its services to the broader community of all ages and to residents of Shepherd Living at Savannah Quarters.

All Shepherd wellness programs were designed by Wesley Smith, a PhD and noted University of Miami professor and researcher in mind and body wellness.

“Working with older people is a passion of mine,” said Smith. “My background and my research to help people stay functional in life began when both of my elderly parents eventually wound up in wheelchairs, and I’ve been at it ever since.”

Added Smith, “It is amazing what research is showing these days, regarding the progress people can make. When muscles contract, they release chemicals that impact the brain in positive ways. For example, cardio can improve the iambic system where we have our memory, which can improve cognition.”

A partial list of the classes Savannah Quarters offers:

  • Restorative yoga, which employs cushions to reduce joint impact while helping to reduce stress and the need for medication
  • Aquafit, which is whole-body, water-based resistance training that helps with cardiovascular efficiency and strength in a safe environment
  • Group walking, designed to safely progress your cardiovascular endurance and strengthen one’s bones
  • Spin class, which includes riding stationary bikes to improve cognitive function
  • Obstacle courses, including walking around obstacles to improve agility and balance
  • Chair aerobics to help joints and posture
  • Tai chi, aroma therapy, meditation and other classes to reduce stress and improve brain function, memory and digestion
  • Shadow boxing, for cardio and all its associated benefits (also great for Parkinson’s)
  • Dancing, including ballroom and salsa, to foster improved emotional, physical, and mental health
  • ‘Prehab’ classes, aimed at preventing injuries, which help with lung capacity and balance
  • Lengthening and strengthening classes to tone muscles

To learn more about the wellness lifestyle at Shepherd, call 844.8.POOLER (844.876.6537) or visit

About Shepherd
Co-founded by Christine Menedis and Naveen Trehan, the Shepherd family of companies is tackling the coming demographic wave with insight, vision, and a smile.  Shepherd Health is a forward-thinking real estate development company based in Miami Beach, Florida. Shepherd takes pride in integrating advances across numerous sectors into each of its developments and offering investors strategic entry-points into demographically solid industries. Shepherd Senior Living is the operations arm of the Shepherd brand, and focuses on integrating wellness, nature, personalized care, and joy into the lives of seniors and their communities across the United States. For more information, visit:

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